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12th May 2014

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this hot hung fucker def wants his buddy to suck him off but his buddy is a lil scared of this hot boy

10th May 2014

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1st May 2014

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25th April 2014

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damn FINE


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4th February 2014

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Super boy fun world :)

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29th January 2014

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CARL & GREG love the woods

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If these boys aren’t twins, they’ve gotta be brothers…

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29th January 2014

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Fuckin hot!

21st November 2013

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  more pics from today …..So today gnc tom sends me a text to call him,  turns out that gnc found out about the photos online that he took in the store with is cock out and fired him.  i felt horrible so what else could i do but offer him some cash to take some more revealing photos.  as you can see from the first photo he was in his hideous gnc outfit he had on from the first pics.  it didn’t take long to get him out of those clothes and showing what his real value is…his cock and ass.  we did a bunch of pics including him jerking off.  his load wasn’t very large but a guy like tom you assume prob has girls on his cock all the time.  the fact he was able to jerk off with no porno in front of a guy for the first time was pretty impressive 

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21st October 2013

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hungdudes:   Holy fuck this is hottttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT A STEAMIN’ HOTTIE       Follow me please:  www.tchoor.tumblr.com

27th June 2013

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27th June 2013

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English Lad

27th June 2013

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Neo, 23y/o straight guy from Berlin, Germany.

27th June 2013

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Fan submission pics of a 27 year old straight, married Army guy from Idaho

The text attached with the pics: He’s married but we’ve been fucking for almost a year, loves to call me faggot while he’s balls deep. ;) The ones in the chaps were the first pics he ever sent me, they made me laugh. ;) Hope you and your fans enjoy! Lots of love from Idaho. ;)

Thanks for this SUPER hot contribution, Aus! I can’t wait to see your other submissions in the future!

I enjoy receiving all of your fan mail and contributions/submission pics, so please continue to submit your stuff to my e-mail: circdickpics@hotmail.com

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27th June 2013

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A married dad! His wife is actually pregnant.

27th June 2013

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21 year old marine in San Diego

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